Calev Myers - Hamas & human sacrifice

Hamas and human sacrifice

Nine years ago, former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon removed our settlers from the Gaza Strip. Since then, the State of Israel has been bombarded with over 20,000 projectiles fired by Hamas and their partners in Gaza. On the face of things, it seems that firing rockets has not given Hamas any military advantage.

First of all, thanks to the Iron Dome defense system, the rate of civilian casualties relative to the number of missiles fired has been extremely low. Secondly, the destruction, death and devastation caused by Israeli retaliations in Gaza have been massive. There is no doubt that the emergence of Hamas leadership is the worst thing that has ever happened to the Palestinians living in Gaza.

So what is really happening here? Why do they continue to fire so many rockets at us? What do they hope to achieve? Either this is the least successful military campaign in the history of mankind, or the human casualty count on the Israeli side is not the primary goal of Hamas' rocket strategy.

Today it is clear to the world that Hamas fires rockets from densely populated civilian areas in order to draw Israeli fire upon Palestinian elderly, women and children. Hamas has learned that systematically feeding disturbing photographs of bloody babies to the international press is the most effective weapon in the pursuit of its goals.

Hamas sees Israel as a strong enemy. It is trying to delegitimize us in order to arouse the fury of entities larger and stronger than us, even if they have to pay a very heavy price in human suffering to do so. Although the comparison is far from perfect, chapter 19 in the book of Judges tells us about a man from the tribe of Levi, whose concubine was raped and murdered by men from the tribe of Benjamin in the city of Gibeah. He cut her body into 12 pieces, sent them throughout all the land of Israel, and the rest is history. The response of all of the other tribes nearly blotted out the tribe of Benjamin from the annals of history.

The threat of Hamas' blood-photo strategy should not be taken lightly. It has already caused an escalation of anti-Semitic incidents and attacks on Jewish communities around the world. The only way to fight this threat is by systematic and tactical advocacy, not merely in the defensive sense, but in a way that proactively exposes Hamas' strategy to ensnare international public opinion.

Hamas is not using Palestinians as "human shields". These people actually do not effectively protect targets in Gaza, and those who continue to repeat this mantra are not convincing anyone. Hamas is literally using innocent children as human sacrifices. It is doing this purposely in order to win the battle of international public opinion. Anyone who feels that the existence of the Jewish state in the Land of Israel is important should continually reiterate the phrase "Hamas is sacrificing children."

As someone who invests a lot of time and energy advocating for a more balanced perspective of Israel, I am tired of hearing banal analyses regarding who "won" the recent military engagement with Hamas. This type of useless argument contributes nothing to the pursuit of truth and justice, but instead, by failing to focus on the reality of the conflict, serves to strengthen the deceptive Hamas narrative.

Hamas wants the world to believe that we are talking about an army against an army, missiles against missiles, soldiers against soldiers. In that type of battle, determining a winner is appropriate. Hamas' hope is that by applying this analysis to the recent conflict, no one will notice the literal human sacrifice of women, children and babies made for the purposes of public relations and fundraising.

Now that Operation Protective Edge has drawn to a close, we need to clearly focus our message and repeat it again and again in the ongoing battle for truth and justice: nobody can win Hamas' game of child sacrifice. Only a terror organization, devoid of any conscience or humanity, can look at what happened over the past couple of months and call it a victory.

This is a clear and simple message that needs to be heard around the world. Hamas is a corrupt terror organization that sacrifices children to fulfill its goals. Period. End of story.

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