Calev Myers

Human Rights Champion × Israel Advocate

If you put land above people all you get is a graveyard
— Calev Myers

I wish to express my deep appreciation to you and the Jerusalem Institute of Justice for your activities in the field of public diplomacy for the purpose of improving the image and strengthening the standing of the State of Israel worldwide. Also worthy of mention is the nobility of soul of the Institute’s staff and their determination to stand tirelessly against those who object to the State of Israel’s existence. You have accomplished extraordinary achievements for us all.
— MK Ofir Akunis, Israel Minister of Environmental Protection
Calev Myers and The Jerusalem Institute of Justice has been of great help and assistance for the work of the European Coalition for Israel as we have presented issues for policy makers at the European Union. For me the cooperation between ECI and JIJ is a great example of synergy and friendship in the Kingdom of God.
— Tomas Sandell, Founder and Director, European Coalition for Israel